Our programs at The Best Detox are heavily reliant on therapy and the therapeutic experiences we provide. Therapy is essential for a successful recovery process, because we must address the driving forces behind addiction…

Individual Therapy

Our individual therapy sessions happen daily, this is because we want you to take advantage of the healing opportunities that are available to you at The Best Detox. Our psychologists work one-on-one with you to provide transformative experiences utilizing many styles of therapy. Beyond traditional psychotherapy, our therapists implement cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), trauma-resolution therapy, process therapy, and other therapeutic techniques. We find that a multi-faceted approach helps to encourage the most progress.

Group Therapy

At The Best Detox, we keep the group therapy model in high regard. Group therapy is so effective because it offers our clients multiple perspectives, multiple opinions, a sense of community, and overwhelming support. We employ various types of therapy and focused groups like dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), process groups, experiential therapy, psychodynamic therapy, etc. Group therapy is essential for bringing about the supportive, community environment that is vital for recovery.