The admissions process for The Best Detox is simple, because we know that getting someone help is time sensitive. If you or your loved one needs help, you deserve to get that help right away.

We understand that getting your loved one into the right treatment center is a priority, which is why we get this process done quickly and efficiently. We will support you each step of the way during the admissions process, and if you find that we are not the right treatment facility for you or your loved one, we will help you find one that is.

It shouldn’t be a challenge to find help, we believe that’s what we are here for.

Our Admissions Process Is Simple:

Step #1 — Call us at 855-5TBDetox

Step #2 — Talk to an admissions coordinator about what’s going on and what you need

If you are new to this process and are unsure what it is you or your loved one needs, just give us a quick summary of the situation and we will guide you to what level of care is best.
If you tell us the situation and we are not the right facility for you or your loved one, we will find you the right facility. We care about you, not about your money.
Step #3 — We will take down preliminary information like your name, date of birth, and insurance provider… We will verify your insurance information to let you know about your coverage and any out of pocket costs or deductible that needs to be met.

Step #4 — Quick 10-minute phone assessment with the client

This step is to ensure that we are the correct level of care for you in terms of any medical needs you may have.
Step #5 — Schedule a time and date for you or your loved one to come into our program.