Program Overview

At The Best Detox, we offer two different inpatient programs. Upon admitting to our facility, you will undergo a full medical assessment and clinical evaluation. This assessment and evaluation will help us to determine the best treatment plan and course of action for your recovery. You will be a part of our process, because you know yourself best.

Together, we will create a treatment plan that is customized to help you as efficiently as possible. During our inpatient programs, you will be living in our modern and state-of-the-art 48 bed inpatient facility. Just because we are a medical facility, does not mean we want our facility to feel like a hospital-setting. All meals will be provided for you, snacks and beverages are available around-the-clock, and our amenities will help you feel like you are at home.

Think of The Best Detox as your guide: we will medically care for you, manage your withdrawal symptoms comfortably, help you work through any underlying issues, and show you how to live a productive life in recovery.

Inpatient Detox Program

Our Inpatient Detox program combines top-quality medical care, clinical excellence, and comfort. Our licensed medical staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to monitor you— ensuring your safety and comfort. We are your ally in recovery, we will guide you through the detox process and show you the next steps thereafter.

When you are admitted to detox, you will be medically assessed and clinically evaluated. Based on factors such as your substance of choice, usage history, frequency of use, quantity of substances used, medical history, etc… It will be determined whether or not your detox process will require a medical taper to ease your withdrawal symptoms. A “medical taper” is when our medical professionals use small doses of narcotic medications to assist you through your detox, which in many cases is necessary to safely detox you off of certain substances…

Residential Inpatient Program

Our Residential Inpatient program was created to help you delve into the reason why you began depending on substances… The underlying issues are often the culprit driving your addiction. Our amazing therapists help you recognize the clinical work that is needed to aid you in taking back your freedom from the unresolved issues that have been weighing you down. We truly believe that undiagnosed or untreated conditions like depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. can be the forces that allowed your addiction to take hold of your life. For this reason, we treat these disorders simultaneous to your substance use disorder… We found that treating one problem without addressing the other leads to an unsuccessful recovery… The therapy we provide comes in many forms and types, our psychologists expertly employ a variety of techniques to best treat you.

During your residential inpatient treatment, we introduce you to programs of recovery. Mostly, 12-step programs of recovery are what we recommend, however you are free to choose any program of recovery that works best for you. We want you to recover in a way that is authentic. Because we want your recovery to be successful, we introduce you to support groups and meetings during your treatment with us. We bring 12-step meetings into our facility to inspire you and open the discussion on experience, strength, and hope. Our plan is to help you get integrated with a supportive recovery community, a community that will continue to provide support even after you have completed our program.